Leadership Series: What’s holding you back?

Who or what is keeping you from being the leader you’re capable of being? Chances are, if we are honest, the real “who” is ourselves and the “what” can be hard to put our finger on. Even with the best of intentions, we can still struggle to have significant influence in the lives of those we work and live with. The beginning of leading others well starts with knowing and leading ourselves well first. It begins with knowing the areas in our own lives that are keeping us from leading at the level we desire and being aware of how those underlying tendencies can affect us.

Jason Burnett is a proven leader, communicator, and strategist. Trained in conflict resolution, management, organizational behavior, coaching, and communication, Jason brings a unique combination of skills and experiences to each leader and organization he partners with. Jason has a passion for seeing individuals and organizations discover and unlock their full potential.

This is a brown-bag lunch event so bring your own lunch! Soft drinks and water will be provided. This workshop is free – but you do need to register!


May 25 2023


12:00 pm - 1:00 pm
FatPipe ABQ


FatPipe ABQ
200 Broadway Blvd NE
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