Leadership Series: Powerful Self Check-In Tools

How are you doing? That’s a common question we are often asked that typically falls short of gauging where we truly are at the moment. Some better questions are…

Is what you are doing in line with who you are?

How much peace do you have right now?

Is your current pace sustainable?

Are your key relationships in sync?

Are you keeping the main thing the main thing in your life?

Learn three tools that will help you answer these questions and more.

Jason Burnett is a proven leader, communicator, and strategist. Trained in conflict resolution, management, organizational behavior, coaching, and communication, Jason brings a unique combination of skills and experiences to each leader and organization he partners with. Jason has a passion for seeing individuals and organizations discover and unlock their full potential.

This is a brown-bag lunch event so bring your own lunch! Soft drinks and water will be provided. This workshop is free – but you do need to register!


Aug 24 2023


12:00 pm - 1:00 pm
FatPipe ABQ


FatPipe ABQ
200 Broadway Blvd NE


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