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Startups Can Receive Free or Reduced Rates

FatPipe ABQ’s seat sponsor, Nusenda Credit Union, supports startup entrepreneurs by paying for their “seats” at the FatPipe ABQ facility. These sponsorships are available to startups who either compete in our contests and win (more info below) or who apply for seat sponsorship .

Sponsor an Entrepreneur, Courtesy of Nusenda CU

Nusenda Credit Union has generously donated to FatPipe ABQ to fund three month’s rent on a six month lease (you pay half price for your seat under a 6 month co-working agreement).

If you are ready to take your start-up to the next level, or need a place to get started – consider submitting an application to have your seat at FatPipe ABQ sponsored by Nusenda Credit Union! Applicants are selected based on the viability of their ideas, their commitment to the startup and ability to give back to our entrepreneurial community, and is completely at the discretion of FatPipe ABQ and its sponsors. Apply below and you will be contacted if your company meets the criteria and funds are available.

Startup Weekends

Startup Weekends, held throughout the year and in various locations across the state, are more opportunities for you to win space at FatPipe ABQ. Keep an eye on the Startup Weekend schedules or contact for information on the next one held at FatPipe ABQ!

UNM Business Plan competition

The annual UNM Business Plan Competition offers a high-profile, real-world challenge at the University of New Mexico where student teams present business ideas to judges from the local entrepreneurial, industry and government sectors to compete for startup funding and other prizes in two competitive categories, including free space at FatPipe ABQ. Current students across all UNM schools and colleges, including graduate, undergraduate, as well as alumni who have graduated since January 1, 2010, are eligible to compete. Find more details at

SXSW Scrappy Startup Challenges

The SXSW Scrappy Startup Challenges (held twice a year in November and May) are brought to you by the New Mexico Technology Council and ABQid. This entrepreneurial pitch competition can result in not only free seats at FatPipe ABQ, but tickets to SXSW in Austin and the SXSW V2V meeting in Las Vegas, Nevada. Keep an eye on the respective websites for more information and entry dates.

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