Everyone benefits from our community, and you can do your part to fuel its growth: Become a FatPipe ABQ Sponsor!

You’ll be supporting an up-and-coming FatPipe ABQ enterprise – and you’ll be investing in the future of our community and our state.

Sponsorship integrates your business and its marketing message into the local community like no advertising can.

Not only will you enjoy a direct relationship with the sponsored entrepreneur, you’ll also get free advertising on the FatPipe ABQ website, twitter feed, and Facebook page.

In addition, your logo will appear on digital media signage throughout our facility, placing you front-and-center among customers whose businesses – with help from FatPipe ABQ – are on the way up.

How Does Sponsorship Work?

Sponsors support entrepreneurs by purchasing their “seats” at the FatPipe ABQ facility. Each seat you buy represents rent that the sponsored entrepreneur won’t have to pay. Whether we match you with an empty seat in order to attract a new entrepreneur to the facility, or whether we connect you with an existing tenant, you’ll be helping start-up businesses grow into successful enterprises – the kind of enterprises that might need the goods and services you have to offer. The more seats you purchase, the more entrepreneurs you’ll be helping. And the more companies with whom you’ll be able to connect.

Regardless of the number of seats purchased, each Sponsorship includes:

  • Logo and Ad on digital media display
  • Mention of Sponsorship in our digital newsletter
  • Logo on all newsletters
  • Invitation to all events and workshops
  • Logo on all FatPipe ABQ marketing materials
  • Sponsor marketing materials kept on file for tenants
  • Mentions on FatPipe ABQ social media
  • Ability to meet with sponsored tenants

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