When you’re with FatPipe ABQ, You’re In a Collaborative Space.

Only 44% of small businesses that work in isolation survive. So tap into our collaborative space model, and boost your chances for success.

What’s in this Collaborative Space?

Affordable Space

Not only does FatPipe ABQ offer office space at below-market rates, we can also reduce your rent in exchange for equity (subject to mutual agreement). And we’re not talking just any office space – FatPipe ABQ is in the newly refurbished library at one of the most sought-after locations in the central city: The Lofts at Albuquerque High Courtyard.

Collaborative Opportunities

Bring your vision to life in a collaborative space, working among like-minded people with whom you can share ideas and resources.
Tenants have commonly worked together on many levels, either being hired or referred to each other and other businesses.

Shared Services

Forget the comforts of home and check out the comforts of collaborative office space! Our services include furnishings, internet, multimedia equipment, IT infrastructure, group purchasing, conference space, kitchen and multiple lounge areas.

A “Fat Pipe” to the internet

With our 300 MBS fiber-optic connection at their disposal, our entrepreneurs never want for bandwidth.

Funding Leads

If your company needs capital, FatPipe ABQ is a collaborative space that can help you tap into a variety of funding sources: venture capitalists, angel investors, and for-profit and not-for-profit lenders. Click here for a compiled a list of available funding in NM for start-ups of all sizes.

Learning Opportunities

When you’re inside your collaborative space, and tenants find themselves collaborating on ideas and challenges within their businesses. There is a variety of mentors and experts inside the collaborative space with a solid history of creating, developing – and selling – businesses.

You can also take advantage of on-site training and seminars on everything from tax incentives and tax credits to raising capital and developing a business plan.

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