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FatPipe ABQ was founded on the principal that startups thrive in supportive environments where they can feed off each other. Where collaboration, inspiration and the sharing of ideas can happen on a trip to the copy machine or across the hall — not just a business trip across the country (or the world).  We’ve created that kind of environment at FatPipe ABQ.

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The Destination For Entrepreneurial Collaboration

The philosophy behind FatPipe ABQ centers on entrepreneurial collaboration.  The best place for that to happen?   A location where like-minded people can focus on ideas, not the everyday back-office details of running a business.  Our 9,000-square-foot facility, in the sought-after Lofts at Albuquerque High Courtyard, comes ready-made with furniture, multi-media equipment, IT infrastructure, and a 300 MBS “fat pipe” to the Internet.  We also offer mentoring opportunities and can help connect your business to investors and potential partners.  All at an affordable price, with lower rent available in some cases in return for equity.  Don’t waste time and energy trying to put these resources together yourself.  Instead, tap into FatPipe ABQ.

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